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Swiss-Asian MBA

Transform Yourself Into A Global Leader

  • Tailor-made online MBA for executives and experts, entrepreneurs and innovative managers.
  • Based on the existing MBA programme of FHNW, but set-up as a blended learning module with rolling intakes.
  • Interactive e-learning combined with residential weeks at renowned universities in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Switzerland.

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The Swiss-Asian MBA

Combines European innovation, Asian dynamics with global recognition and accreditation.

Master of Business Administration FHNW – Swiss-Asian Programme

ECTS points:

Next Start:
Rolling intake

2 years

Teaching language:

Basel, Switzerland and locations in Asia

CHF 19'000

The Swiss-Asian MBA is based on the existing MBA programme of FHNW (90 ECTS; European Credit Transfer System), but set-up as a blended learning MBA. The MBA programme at FHNW has been conducted since 1992 with several intakes per year. Our rolling intake concept allows you to join the course at any time.

Theis programme, which includes webinars and virtual classrooms, is conducted in English. During the four residence weeks in Basel (Switzerland), Shenzhen (China), Bandung (Indonesia) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), there will be a keen focus on actual business case studies and company visits.

Programme Details

The programme is tailor-made for executives and experts, entrepreneurs and innovative managers, aspiring to obtain an official Swiss Master’s degree without interrupting their professional career. The regional focus on Asia is for instance reflected in the respective case studies. Therefore, the programme is designed in a blended format, meaning that online study modules are combined with four residential weeks in different locations, where participants meet in person.

Student Profile

Qualifications Nationality Industry Age

We deliver knowledge online. Subsequently four residential weeks will be organised where participants are exposed to other cultures, interact and get to know each other. These residential weeks consist of company visits, real-life case studies and team work. Residential weeks will be held at renowned universities in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Switzerland. The programme duration is usually 18 months, plus 6 months for the master thesis; a faster completion is possible. Our concept allows maximum flexibility due to its module structure and the rolling intake. About 70% of the contents are delivered online, 30% during residential weeks.

The Swiss-Asian MBA consists of the following units:

  1. Methods and Leadership
  2. Finance and Economics
  3. Management
  4. Marketing and Internationalisation
    • Includes an in-depth special course on Globalisation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship, highlighting the relevance of modern technologies.
  5. Master Thesis
    • Closely related to a business case of the participant.

Master Thesis

The MBA Thesis is a particular assessment of the participants' performance and is written towards the end of the study programme. However, depending on their capacity students may start to work on thethesis already at an earlier stage of their studies. Through the thesis, participants demonstrate their ability to work with the knowledge acquired from the course and to relate it to a topic that serves as the foundation for the next career step.
The objectives of the MBA Thesis: In their MBA thesis the students apply scientifically based considerations and draw up theoretical and practical solutions to a task derived from the topics addressed in the study programme, for which they are allowed a defined period of time (as a rule, 6 months).
The students demonstrate in individual work that they are independently able to:

  1. present an issue/question complex the handling of which demonstrably creates a (practical) benefit for a defined target audience;
  2. deploy the concepts, approaches, methods and tools taught in the study programme to the handling of an application-oriented task;
  3. deduce, present and apply appropriate methodology aligned to the task;
  4. present clear and comprehensible arguments in the written thesis of approximately 70 pages/20,000 words (excluding appendices), and convey conviction and (social) competence in the final oral examination.

A complete list of Study Regulations will be shared with you once you have enrolled into the programme.

Rolling intakes.

As a rule, an undergraduate degree (bachelor’s degree) or an equivalent qualification from a recognised academic institution is required, the previous subject of study is irrelevant. A minimum of three years of relevant work experience is expected, and a good command of English (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent). An entry interview is compulsory.

CHF 19,000.00 – excluding the estimated travel costs of CHF 7,000.00 for the four residence weeks (individual travel costs only). Scholarships, discounts for corporate clients and early-bird offers are available.

The Swiss-Asian MBA is set-up as an e-learning MBA – with four residence weeks in Switzerland, China and selected ASEAN countries.

Teaching location in Switzerland:
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwester Switzerland FHNW, School of Business,
Peter Merian-Strasse 86
4002 Basel, Switzerland

FHNW is a public university, recognized by the Swiss Government, and member of Swiss Universities. The FHNW School of Business of is in the final phase of getting the AACSB accreditation.

Teaching locations in China and selected ASEAN countries:
Will be announced soon.


Join the Swiss-Asian MBA and transform yourself into a global leader! Traditional MBA programmes are usually held at one university only. Our programme, however, takes place at four leading universities in Switzerland and Asia. It is the first programme of excellence that combines Swiss innovation, Asian dynamics and a global mindset. By investing in this programme you will become part of an international network of executives.


I’m currently pursuing another programme at FHNW. Can I start the MBA straight after and when can I apply?

You can apply and enrol at any time as the programme has rolling intakes.

Can we work while studying for this MBA?

Yes, the programme is designed specially for those who have full-time jobs.

I’m currently pursuing another programme at FHNW. Can I start the MBA straight after and when can I apply?

You will receive the learning materials via an e-learning platform, Moodle. Study of the course matter is done at your convenience, within the given timeframe to complete each study. The same applies for participation in forum discussions and assignments. A 60-minute webinar is conducted every weekend where you can interact with your lecturer and peers. Attendance is not mandatory. If you are not able to attend the session, a recording of the same will be shared with you. The Swiss-Asian MBA gives you maximum flexibility.

Must we attend the residential weeks at the allotted timeframes or can this be negotiated?

The residential weeks are fixed, usually from a Thursday till Monday. These weeks have been coordinated in advance with our partner universities in the host countries. The dates have been locked in as it allows you to plan your schedules well in advance. There are a total of four residential weeks, so it is perfectly alright if you miss one.

Is this MBA open for applications during the movement control? Will this affect the conduct of lessons and programme structure?

The current crisis does not affect us much as 70% of the programme content is delivered online as part of the blended learning concept. Therefore, our programme continues as usual and is open for applications. However, the residential weeks will be postponed till next year. If there are further restrictions to travel, the residential weeks will be conducted in an e-format as we see the value in “meeting” and interacting with your peers. To conclude, the delivery of the Swiss-Asian MBA is much more reliable than that of offline courses.

"The Swiss-Asian MBA will increase my network"

Patrick Klotz is a Swiss IT Entrepreneur based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is participating at FHNW’s newly created Swiss-Asian MBA and sharing his first impressions of the programme.

Contact Us

University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Northwestern Switzerland FHNW
School of Business
Peter Merian-Strasse 86
4002 Basel

Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke
Programme Manager
T +41 79 372 85 62

Representative Office,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Subramaniam Rajagopal
Education Manager
T +60 19 399 63 56

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